Monday, August 18, 2008

More Changes!!

I don’t remember when I didn’t know him. My friendship with Tom Somers goes back more than 60 years… and for a couple of guys who are still weeks away from turning 64, that’s saying something. And now, Tom and I are back on the same radio station. He is WAKV’s new afternoon air personality, from 2 ‘til 6 p.m. daily.

Tom and I grew up together. Our parents were friends. Our families did things together. He and I did things together. We went through school together and graduated in the same high school class. My radio career began in 1962 and his the following year, at the same station: this one! (Back then it was WDMC.)

We worked together at WHTC in Holland. Tom went to WKMI in Kalamazoo in 1966. I followed him in ’67. A couple of years later, he was the Program Director there when he gave that up to move to our sister station in Charleston, West Virginia. I took over his job as P.D.

Soon after that our careers took different tracks. Tom left radio and I kept on. From that point on Tom did a lot of things, most of them successfully. He drove a beer delivery truck, bought and ran a popular tavern in Plainwell (Somers Place,”) raised and raced horses, bought and sold cars, and finally, when he was about 50, took off (literally) in a totally new direction. He became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines!

Now retired from all of those endeavours, he has returned to radio. And I, for one, am going to enjoy hearing him again. I hope you will too.

Welcome back, my friend.

(A word about Ralph Grant: For about a dozen years Ralph lent his considerable talents to our afternoon show. Now Ralph has retired and he and his wife have moved from Kalamazoo into a condo somewhere in West Michigan. Our thanks to him for his many years entertaining us, both at WAKV and earlier at WKZO. Relax, Ralph, and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it!)

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classofcountry said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....oooops...."old home week" at the memory station! Sort of a collection of rare coins re-united for a collectors edition of radio supremacy. It also sounds like a great formula for continuing and heightened success. Nothing but good can come of this. Only ONE question remains for me...has EVERYONE in radio worked with Jim Higgs??
These comments and best wishes to all come from yet another former co-worker and continuing friend of Jim and Suzanne Higgs and WAKV, Bob Wallace, Now basking in the warm Florida sun(and keeping an ever vigilant eye on the tropics).